Ivan Rorato
Chef from Venice in Moscow

I was born in Italy, in the province of Veneto, and I spent the best years of my life between Venice and Treviso.
I am insatiable in everything, "You can always do better!" is my motto in life. I enter the market looking for the very ingredient that for me carries experience, flavor, color. My dish should give you the opportunity to see the dawn in the company of a fisherman in the lagoon, allow you to see the essence of nature, feel the incomparable and unique taste and aroma. I am constantly learning, learning from my mistakes and the mistakes of others; in the dish I want to see color, warmth, but above all I want to see love.

I grew up in the Venetian Lagoon, among fishermen and hunters, making gnocchi with my mother and studying the peculiarities of cooking incomparable game with my grandmother.
The passion for delicious and good cuisine has always been present in my family, and my dream is to transfer the perfection of Venetian cuisine, as I see it, to the most beautiful places in the world. In my life I managed to work in Venice, on the famous islands of Burano and Torcello, I had long conversations with fishermen and collected local aromatic herbs in the lagoon, I cooked in St. Mark's Square for people of all nationalities.

I went to cook in Russia and France, adding to this two years among the beauties of Switzerland, I fell in love with Maremma Toscana, serving my dishes to famous personalities and politicians, someone could see me on TV in cooking shows or hear on the radio, and someone met me at work at parties in Cortina D'Ampezzo.
it's me. These are My rules. This is My kitchen. You can find My whole world in My dishes..

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