Eroticism at the table
Book by Ivan Rovato
The book is about the seduction of culinary art between creative and spicy recipes, eroticism, anecdotes and culture. Words that encapsulate emotions and sensations in a sensory journey through food and refined sensuality. Subconscious pages between delicious dishes and erotic culinary spaces.
A union of excellence to live better in the world of cuisine and the fire of passion. Raw intuition and Eros merge, creating an intriguing gastronomic route.

A book for seduction and communication with food through a food source and an unusual connection between cooking and eating together. A seductive, elegant and sensitive book to facilitate deepening and approach with the kitchen as an entrance hall of heaven's pleasure and beyond. Cooking itself is an act of feeling, sensuality and pleasure. Cooking well means being able to charm another person in every sense.
3600 р.
Eroticism at the table
3600 р.
Lesotismo a tavola
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